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Platy Punk Art Collection

Be a part of the FIRST community-driven NFT collection and
GET PAID when we make profit

In their travels on Earth, the Platy Punks discovered 36 ultra-rare Art Collector Platy Punks who, equipped with white gloves and paint brushes, have been studying NFTs and want a collection for themselves.

Hearing their wishes loud and clear, we have decided to start the official community-driven Platy Punk Art Collection where the community decides what we buy and sell. Oh, and the community gets to soak in all of the profits on the sells we make on a 50/50 split.

Read more about how it works below, grab a Platy, and hop on for the ride!

The Platy Punk Art Collection is LIVE

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Art Collector Platy Punk

How does it work?


Platy Punk w Nerd Glasses

- Purchasing one Platy Punk gives you one vote in buying or selling an NFT in the Platy Punk Art Collection

- Purchasing one Platy Punk with Nerd Glasses gives you three votes

- Purchasing one Art Collector Platy Punk gives you five votes

- A project must achieve 15 "thumbs up" emojis in the #platy-nft-collection channel in Discord to be considered for a vote

- Polls will be announced in Discord mid-week and posted on a separate website that only allows access to Platy Punk NFT holders

- Once votes are finalized the buys/sells will be executed and shared with the community

- The Platy Punk Art Collection is available at: 

- If profits are made there will be a raffle announced in Discord hosted on the same website for Platy Punk NFT holders to enter

Plans are subject to change if needed

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What are Platy Punks?

Platy Punks are the next generation in punk NFTs. Inspired by the punks of yesterday, Platy Punks takes being a punk to a whole new level.

There are 3,562 unique Platy Punks who have hatched into this universe, looking to multiply and take over other planets. Their first stop is Earth - which looks to be an easy task.


Some blend in with their surroundings, some can see the future, others control the elements, and all of them look good doing it. The chance of even one Platy being on Earth is 1 in 9,185,400, so consider yourself lucky to grab an original.

Platys are minted at .025 ETH and won't last for long. Do you have what it takes to be a Platy Punk?

If so, hop on for the ride. There are still secrets yet to be revealed. 


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Aug 30 - Mint day #1

Sept 5/6 - Final mint day

Sept 7 - Marketing campaign begins

Sept 20 - First community event

Sept 27 - First Fall community airdrop

Oct 11 - Final Fall community airdrop

Oct 19 - Second community event

Oct 25 - 1 of 1 holiday Platy Punk auction

Nov 1 - Platy Punks at NYC.NFT

Nov 22 - First winter community airdrop

Nov 29 - Community holiday event

Dec 20 - Final winter community airdrop

Dec 20 - 1 of 1 holiday Platy Punk auction

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...searching for airdrops

Community is everything to us

Join ours for airdrops, contests, events, and secrets yet to be revealed...


Team Platy wants to ensure a fair and transparent process on the way to other galaxies ...

Platys available to public during mint - 3,492

Platys reserved for airdrops - 24

Platys reserved for ambassadors - 11

Platys reserved for team - 15

Platys reserved for marketing - 20

Total Platys - 3,562

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Team Platy combines more than a decade of crypto experience, and has spent years at bulge bracket banks, cloud computing giants, startups, and government contractors. In addition to traditional business experience, both founders have co-founded multiple crypto projects dating back to 2017